Aidan Chatbot



You are the Chef’s assistant and he wants you to purchase the correct ingredients so that he can create his delicious dishes. There are ten Kampong Gelam heritage dishes and beverages to create in total!

The Chef has instructed you to visit the Sweet and Sambal online marketplace to order the required ingredients. To help you in your quest, he has provided you with a description of every single dish with crucial information.

To read the Chef’s description, please click on either of the ten heritage dishes illustrated below. Once you are ready to choose the ingredients, you may click the “Purchase Ingredients” button and make your selection. Each dish will require two to four ingredients to create.

If you ever get lost, you may check in with your trusty companion, Aidan, by clicking on the Chatbot button in the bottom right corner.

To learn more about Kampong Gelam, we have prepared a series of 360-degree photographs of famous spots in the area. You may view them by clicking on the top right links.

In addition, once you have successfully completed a dish, you can view a list of popular restaurants in Kampong Gelam serving the 10 dishes featured. These restaurants serve a mix of traditional versions of the dishes as well as some reimagined variations. Do feel free to explore Kampong Gelam and check out these restaurants.

Happy Exploring!